To help us save on paper and potential contact during these strange times, our menu of food and drinks is entirely viewable below. Take a look so that you can most easily help our servers by knowing what you’d like to order.

We have an ever-expanding menu, plus specials from week to week. Check out our freshly baked muffins!

Meaty Burgers – served from midday

Classic Cheeseburger – a double stacked beef patty with cheddar cheese. £7.00
The Escape Plan – a double stacked beef patty with mozzarella, lettuce and sriracha mayo £8.00
Smoky Bacon – a double stacked beef patty with BBQ sauce, bacon, cheddar and fried shallots £8.00
Paris Stilton – a double stacked beef patty with blue cheese, roquette and caramelised onions £8.50

Vegetarian burgers – served from midday

Falafel Burger – Herby falafels with lettuce, tomato, red onion, hummus & peppered vegan aioli £7.50
Super Mario Burger – Roasted mushroom with lettuce, tomato, onion, hummus & peppered vegan aioli £7.50

Chips! – Air fried and seasoned with rosemary and thyme salt £3.00
Onion Rings – Air fried, battered and served with peppered vegan aioli £3.50
Hash Browns – Crispy triangles of hope, served with tomato ketchup £3.50

To share (responsibly)
Chips – a big bowl of chips £6.00
Cheesy chips – a big bowl of chips topped with melted Cheddar cheese £6.50
Bacon cheesy chips – a big bowl of chips topped with melted Cheddar cheese. And bacon! £7.50

Light Bites – served from 10am
Falafel and hummus salad – A mix of lettuce, rocket, cucumber, red onion, tomato and coriander in a hummus dressing topped with herby falafel. £7.00

Chicken and Maple Bacon salad – Mixed leaves and slaw base with shredded chicken, maple bacon with a yellow mustard vinaigrette. £9.00

Cheese and Ham Panini £6.00

Blue Cheese and Rocket Panini – with caramelised onions £6.00

The B.L.T. – a bacon, lettuce and tomato ciabatta with mayonnaise, black pepper and a side serving of salted crisps

Breakfast/Brunch – served from 10am – 2pm

Fully Loaded Toast – a doorstep of buttered sourdough toast with baked beans, sausage, bacon and hash browns.
The Green New Toast – Minted green-pea hummus on crusty organic toast, with roasted asparagus and snow-pea tendrils, drizzled with olive oil (vg) £7.00

Sausage or bacon bap £4.00
Sausage and bacon bap £5.00
Mushroom and spinach bap with vegan sriracha mayonnaise (vg) £4.00

Sourdough toast – buttered and loaded up, add as many as you need:
Baked beans / Mushroom / Spinach / 2 Poached Eggs (+£1) 1 @ £5.00 / 2 @ £6.00 / 3 @ £7.00
Or keep it sweet and simple, Jam and butter £3.50

Ham and Cheese Souffle Omelette – served in a conical cup with hashbrowns on the side.  £8.00

Spinach, Cheese and Pepper Souffle Omelette  – served in a conical cup with sourdough toast. £8.00

The Hangover Cure – Make the morning after more bearable and enjoy a giant yorkshire pudding filled with sausage, bacon, 2 poached eggs and beans, topped with crispy fried onions. If you happen to order it with a pint, who are we to judge? £12.00


Chocolate Ice Cream – Vanilla ice cream with caramel syrup and smashed chocolate. Choose from Kit-Kat or Wispa £5.00

Mixed Berry Ice Cream – Vanilla Ice cream with blueberry compote and raspberry syrup. £5.00

A few of our regular drinks are off the menu now while we get back up and running, but fear not, all should be back soon.

Soft Drinks
Coca-Cola (330 ml bottle) £2.50
Diet Coke (330ml bottle) £2.50
Coke Zero (330ml bottle) £2.50
Coke Zero (from soda gun) £2.00
Sprite Zero (330ml bottle) £2.50
Fanta (330ml bottle) £2.50

Apple juice £1.50
Orange juice £1.50
Pineapple juice £1.50
Cranberry juice £1.50

Red Bull (250ml can) £2.75

Hot Drinks

All our coffees are made with fair trade coffee beans and are caffeinated. We have both whole milk and oat milk available.

Double Espresso £2.20
Americano £2.50
Latte £2.80
Flat White £2.75
Cappuccino £2.80
Mocha £3.00

Classic tea £1.50
Green tea £2.00
Flavoured tea £2.00

Asahi (5% draught lager) £6.00 (pint) / £4.00 (half pint)
Guinness (4.2% draught stout) £6.00/£4.00
Meantime London Lager (4.5% draught) £5.50/£3.50
Meantime Pale Ale (4.3% draught) £5.50/£3.50
Sol (4.2% 330ml bottled lager) £5.00
Peroni (5.1% 330ml bottle lager) £5.00
Peroni Gluten Free (5.1% 330ml bottle lager) £5.00
Peroni Libre (non alcoholic 330ml bottle lager) £3.00

Cornish Orchard (4.5% draught) £5.00
Koppaberg Mixed Fruits (4% 500ml bottle) £5.00
Koppaberg Strawberry & Lime (4% 500ml bottle) £5.00

We have three sizes of glass, 125ml, 175ml and 250ml, as well as prices for a full bottle.

Seremos Malbec (13.0%) £4.00/£5.00/£7.00/£17.00
Cullinan View Shiraz (13.5%) £4.00/£5.00/£7.00/£17.00
Don Jacobo Rioja (14%) £4.50/£5.50/£7.00/£19.00

Pinot Grigot Delle Venezie (12%) £4.00/£5.00/£6.50/£17.00
Pulpo NZ Sauvignon Blanc (12.5%) £4.00/£5.00/£7.00/£17.00
Between Thorns AUS Chardonnay (13%) £4.00/£5.00/£6.50/£17.00

Chapel Down UK (12%) £4.50/£6.00/£8.50/£19.00

Champagne (full bottles only)
Moet & Chandon Imperial 70cl (12%) £55.00

All of our cocktails are rigorously tested by a trained team of aggressively inventive lushes. We enjoy making them as much as we enjoy drinking them, so jump in and let’s be enthusiastic about alcohol together.

Rhubarb Negroni
A short drink that packs a punch. A summery blend of Aperol, Absolut Rhubarb Vodka and Lillet Blanc £8.50

Rex on the Beach
Named in our community vote by Paul Becotte, this is our sweet twist on a Whiskey (Dino)Sour – Jamesons IPA blend, vanilla syrup, lime juice, apple juice and apple puree. Served with a floating dinosaur. Yes, a dinosaur. No, you’re childish, shut up. £8.00

Pornstar Martini
Live your best life with this mix of Vanilla Absolut, vanilla syrup, pinapple juice and passion fruit puree. Served with a shot of prosecco on the side because all good things need bubbles. £9

Toffee Popcorn Old Fashioned
A classic old fashioned with a sweet twist – house infused toffee popcorn Lot 40 bourbon and maple syrup £9.00
Or keep it original with a classic and popcorn-free blend of Bulleit bourbon and gomme syrup £8.50

Espresso Martini
A classic pick-me up – the double hit of espresso with Absolut Elyx vodka and Kahlua. Honestly, this is what our bartenders drink to stay alive. £9.00

Mai Tai
Rummy goodness. Served in a long glass, Havana Club 3 and Cointreau with a summery mix of orange juice, lemon juice and almond syrup, finished off with a healthy dose of Kraken layered into the top. £8.00

Tequila Sunrise
Simple yet effective. A long pour of Altos Reposado tequila with orange juice, made to look as pretty as you are with a swirl of grenadine. £7.00

Grapefruit Paloma
This Tequila based cocktail blends the sharpness of Altos Reposado with pink grapefruit juice, sweet agave syrup and soda for a refreshing long drink. £8.50

Pimms & Lemonade
Alright, it’s not really a cocktail, but you know what, people refer to a Screwdriver (vodka and orange juice) as a cocktail, so who are we to draw the line? Summer’s here and so is Pimms. £6.00

Aperol Spritz
Some would call it basic, but we’ve been told it’s the drink of the summer. Prosecco, Aperol, Soda and a fresh wheel of orange. 1 for £10.50 / 2 for £17.50

Access Your Ginventory
It’s not safe to go alone, take one of our three vibrant variations on a Gin Bramble with you!
Health Potion – A double shot of Plymouth Gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and Grenadine.
Mana Potion – A double shot of Plymouth Gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and Curacao.
Stamina Potion – A double shot of Plymouth Gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and Sour Apple.
£9.50 each or take all three for £27.50

Spirits and Mixers
Our standard measures are a 25ml single, and a 50ml double. Prices below are for spirits as shots. Mixers are £1.50 as standard.

Absolut Original (40%) £3.50/£5.50
Absolut Raspberry (40%) £3.75/£5.75
Absolut Citron (40%) £3.75/£5.75
Absolut Vanilla (40%) £3.75/£5.75
Absolut Elyx (42.3%) £4.50/£7.50
Belvedere (40%) £5.50/£8.50
U’Luvka (40%) £6.00/£9.00

Jameson’s Original (40%) £3.50/£5.50
Jameson’s IPA (40%) £4.00/£7.00
Jameson’s Stout (40%) £4.00/£7.00
Chivas Regal 12 (40%) £4.50/£7.50
Glenlivet Founders (40%) £4.50/£7.50
Method & Madness Bourbon (46%) £5.50/£8.50
Bulleit Bourbon (45%) £4.50/£7.50
Lot 40 Bourbon (43%) £4.50/£7.50

Beefeater London Dry (40%) £3.50/£5.50
Beefeater Pink (37.5%) £3.75/£5.75
Beefeater Orange (37.5%) £3.75/£5.75
Plymouth Original (41.2%) £4.00/£7.00
Plymouth Sloe Gin (26%) £4.00/£7.00
Malfy Original (41%) £5.00/£8.00
Malfy Limon (41%) £5.00/£8.00
Monkey 47 (47%) £6.00/£9.00

Havana Especial (40%) £3.50/£5.50
Havana 3 (40%) £3.50/£5.50
Havana 7 (40%) £3.50/£5.50
Havana Maestros (40%) £5.00/£8.00
Malibu (21%) £3.50/£5.50
Malibu Passionfruit (21%) £3.50/£5.50
Kraken (40%) £4.50/£7.50

Other spirits (oooooooh)
Kahlua (20%) £3.50/£5.50
Martell Cognac (40%) £4.50/£7.50
Olmeca Tequila Resposado (38%) £4.00/£7.00
Olmeca Tequila Altos Plata (38%) £4.50/£7.50
Disaronno (28%) £3.50/£5.50
Sambuca (38%) £4.00
Jagermeister (35%) £4.00

London Essencesall £2.00 per bottle
Classic soda
Rhubarb and cardemom soda
White peach and jasmine soda
Classic Indian tonic water
Bitter orange and elderflower tonic
Pomelo and pink pepper tonic
Grapefruit and rosemary tonic
Ginger Ale
Ginger Beer