Stop playing about and get your work done.

At Rule Zero, we pride ourselves on having a lovely venue for people to enjoy. For some of you lucky ones with real jobs, maybe that means visiting us to get some work done during the day.

We’re well set up for those of you on the hunt for somewhere to work remotely. Here are just some of the awesome perks to using Rule Zero as a place to work:

  • Table service for food/drink, including delicious coffee
  • Free, fast wi-fi
  • Plug sockets. Tons of ’em
  • Well spaced tables, with quiet background music, affording some feeling of peace/separation from other customers
  • Air conditioning
  • Access to our printer for a small fee
  • Some of our staff are incredibly attractive
Better table service than your own home. Probably.
Fifty seats, sound and lighting, arranged how you need it.

Obviously we’re working here too, so we do request that those staying with us do periodically buy food or drinks to keep us busy.

For larger work meetings/presentations, we have a private bookable space with seating, appropriate sound setup and a projector. If there are specific queries you have about how we can best meet your work needs, just let us know.