Pumpkins & Purgatory: An Interactively Spooky Quiz


Sunday 31st October

Doors: 6.30pm | Start: 7pm

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Welcome to Purgatory, formerly a basement named Sub Zero repurposed into a nightmarish hellscape… but that’s not important right now.

Here you’ll join a myriad of other lost souls, each searching for answers which your nihilistic hosts, Tom & Gav, are reluctant to give.

Oh, you’ve been to quizzes before have you? Wonderful. I’m sure that know-it-all attitude will get you a long way here, Gloria. But this is an ‘interactive’ quiz. You’ll be required to participate, you’ll be required to innovate, and you’ll be required to dress up. Yes, even you.

Choose your team wisely, you’ll all have a role to play. We recommend bringing somebody that’s handy with arts and crafts.

How splendid.

  • 7pm start time. But you’re welcome to arrive earlier and pretend you’re in the Hotel California.
  • There will be a prize for the best dressed team. Not black tie, don’t try to be clever, this is Halloween.
  • Team sizes of 2-6 people, if you bring 7 one of you will be given a new table and new friends. Arguably better friends. Who can reliably count to 6.
  • Cocktail specials brought to you by the powers of science.
  • See you there.