Marvel Crisis Protocol: Reactivating the Core Tournament (Saturday 26th June)


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*PLEASE NOTE BEFORE PURCHASING* This tournament has been set up on the condition that Step 4 of the Covid Roadmap goes ahead on June 21st so we can comfortably and safely run tournaments larger than 6 players. In the scenario that Step 4 gets delayed past the tournament date, the tournament will be delayed until further notice which will include all tournament tickets.

Start Time: 10AM

End Time: 7PM

Time to throw off the dusty covers and fire up the engine core of the Quinjet!  Come out to play in this Open format, meaning, people can come and go as they choose. We will pair people up using the Swiss system strictly to help level out skill levels. Beginners looking for demo games are very welcome as well. We will play 4 rounds starting at 10 am and switch partners every 2 hours. Rounds will be 1h45m long with a 15 min warning before round end.  Please bring a mat and terrain if you can.  We also have multiple sets of the prize kits that AMG has released (the Initiation League and Launch kits).  Each player will be able to choose 2 pieces of swag from the collect pool of kits to complement their collection.