KeyForge: Mass Mutation Sealed Tournament


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Please note that we will be running this event compliant to social distancing and there will be plenty of space between players and tables. We will  be this event with some minor restrictions (such as those below) in place.

  • Do not touch your opponents cards and deck. If you would like to know what a card does, please ask your opponent or a judge.
  • Please bring and use your own set of tokens and dice.
  • Either wash your hands or use our sanitation stations after each game.
  • Play at your designated tables.
  • Masks must be worn when not at your designated table. If your opponent asks you to wear a mask whilst playing, please do so.
  • We now utilise full table service. Any orders will be brought to you directly.

Each ticket comes with (1) sealed Mass Mutation deck for use in the tournament.

For more information on these events, please refer to the following link: