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Burgersserved from midday
Descriptions contain all toppings

**NEW** Beyond Burger (vg)
A chunky vegan patty served with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, American Mustard and ketchup £8.50

**NEW** Beyond BBQ (vg)
A chunky vegan patty with our homebrew sriracha-mayo-coleslaw and teriyaki-bbq sauce £8.50

Classic Cheeseburger
A double stacked beef patty with cheddar cheese. Served plain and simple £7.00

The Escape Plan
A double stacked beef patty with mozzarella, lettuce and sriracha mayo £8.00

Smoky Bacon
A double stacked beef patty with BBQ sauce, bacon, cheddar and crispy onions £8.50

Paris Stilton
A double stacked beef patty with blue cheese, radicchio and caramelised onions £8.50

Falafel Burger (vg)
Herby, sesame coated falafel with lettuce, tomato, red onion, hummus & peppered vegan aioli £7.50

Light Bitesserved from 10am

**NEW** Sausage and Mash
Boldly going where no one has gone before, we’ve combined 3 pork sausages, buttery mashed potato, gravy and caramelised onions. We’re so innovative, you can thank us later. £9.50

Pie and Mash
Ask about our pie of the week! Served with mashed potatoes, green veg and gravy Limited quantity available each week £10.50

Falafel and hummus salad (vg)
Lettuce, rocket, cucumber, red onion, tomato and coriander in a hummus dressing topped with herby sesame coated falafel £7.00

Chicken and Maple Bacon salad
Mixed leaves and slaw base with shredded chicken, maple bacon with a yellow mustard vinaigrette £9.00

Cheese and Ham Panini
Thick cut ham and cheddar cheese £6.00

Blue Cheese and Radiccio Panini (v)
With caramelised onions £6.00

The B.L.T.
A bacon, lettuce and tomato ciabatta with mayonnaise, black pepper and a side serving of salted crisps £5.50

The Pulled Pork Bun
Our signature pulled pork, hot in a ciabatta with our house made coleslaw. Served with a side of salted crisps £6.50

Our kitchen may contain traces of allergens. Please let our servers know if you have any allergies or food-related traumas. No guarantees, but we’ll do our best to shield you from your nightmares.


Chips (gf)(vg)
Air fried with a rosemary and thyme seasoning £3.00

Onion Rings (v)
Air fried and battered. Served with peppered vegan aioli £3.50

Hash Browns (v)
Crispy triangles of hope, served with tomato ketchup £3.50

Sides to share (responsibly)

Garlic Bread (v)
Ciabbata, garlic butter £3.00
Add mild cheddar £4.00

Yorkshire Puddings (v)
A trio of yorkies served with a mug of gravy £4.00

Sharing chips (gf)(vg)
A big bowl of chips £6.00

Sharing cheesy chips (gf)(v)
Topped with melted Cheddar cheese £6.50

Sharing bacon cheesy chips (gf)
Topped with melted Cheddar cheese and diced bacon


Vanilla Ice Cream (v)
Served with caramel chocolate sauce and a Kit-Kat finger £4.50

Vegan Cinder Toffee Brownie (vg)
Served with Jude’s vegan chocolate ice cream, topped with maple syrup £5.00

Affogato (v)
Fresh fair-trade espresso over vanilla ice cream £6.00

Amaretto Affogato (18+) (v)
Fresh fair-trade espresso and a shot of Amaretto over vanilla ice cream £9.50

Muffin of the Day(v)
Ask our servers for availability
On it’s own
£2.50 or with vanilla ice cream £6.00

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