All of our cocktails are rigorously tested by a trained team of aggressively inventive lushes. We enjoy making them as much as we enjoy drinking them, so jump in and let’s be enthusiastic about alcohol together.

Rex on the Beach
Named in our community vote by Paul Becotte, this is our sweet twist on a Whiskey (Dino)Sour – Jamesons IPA blend, vanilla syrup, lime juice, apple juice and apple puree. Served with a floating dinosaur. Yes, a dinosaur. No, you’re childish, shut up. £8.50

Pornstar Martini
Live your best life with this mix of Vanilla Absolut, vanilla syrup, pinapple juice and passion fruit puree. Served with a shot of prosecco on the side because all good things need bubbles £9.00

Mai Tai
Rummy goodness. Served in a long glass, Havana Club 3 and Cointreau with a summery mix of orange juice, lemon juice and almond syrup, finished off with a healthy dose of Kraken layered into the top £8.50

Tequila Sunrise
Simple yet effective. A long pour of Altos Reposado tequila with orange juice, made to look as pretty as you are with a swirl of grenadine £8.00

Clover Club
A drink that knows what it wants, Malfy gin shaken with Chambord, lime and grenadine. Unabashedly pink, so confident, maybe we’ll add glitter. Leave your toxic masculinity at the door please £8.50

Bramble 47
A classic gin bramble with Monkey 47 gin, lemon, sugar and Creme de Mure £9.50

Toffee Popcorn Old Fashioned
A classic old fashioned with a sweet twist – house infused toffee popcorn Lot 40 bourbon and maple syrup £9.00
Or keep it original with a classic and popcorn-free blend of Bulleit bourbon and gomme syrup £8.50

Four Roses Old Fashioned
Single Barrel Four Roses Kentucky Bourbon, Star Anise syrup, and bitters. This is the top end of old fashioneds and you know you deserve it £14.50

Oaxaca Old Fashioned
What’s that? Tequila in an old fashioned? Delicious madness. Top shelf Pancho tequila, La Medida Mezcal, Xocolatl Mole bitters and Agave Nectar £14.50

Espresso Martini
A classic pick-me up – the double hit of espresso with Absolut Elyx vodka and Kahlua. Honestly, this is what our bartenders drink to stay alive £9.00

Flat White Martini
Ready for something a little different? Absolute Elyx, Baileys, Kahlua, Vanilla and glorious coffee. Two for £19.00 (but if you ask nicely we can put them in the same glass…)

Grapefruit Paloma
This Tequila based cocktail blends the sharpness of Altos Reposado with pink grapefruit juice, sweet agave syrup and soda for a refreshing long drink £8.50

Mango Daquiri
Tropical blend of white rum, chambord, mango, orange, lime, vanilla & happiness. Staff member Jonah says that he created this, and we’re not going to burst his little bubble of naivety £8.50

Seasonal drinks

Pimms & Lemonade
Alright, it’s not really a cocktail, but you know what, people refer to a Screwdriver (vodka and orange juice) as a cocktail, so who are we to draw the line? Summer’s here and so is Pimms £7.50

Aperol Spritz
Some would call it basic, but we’ve been told it’s the drink of the summer. Prosecco, Aperol, Soda and a fresh wheel of orange. 1 for £10.50 or 2 for £17.50

Dinosaurs in drinks are cool. All other opinions are wrong.
Two of these everyday and you’ll never need to sleep again.


All our mocktails offer you all the delicious flavours and paegentry of a cocktail, but with none of the alcohol!

Apple Tea-Ni
A bittersweet tipple, made from cold brewed green tea and apple juice with a splash of vanilla and maple syrup to give it a kick of flavour that evolves on the palate. £4.45

The Marzi-Pineapple (contains nuts)
A fun interplay between the almond flavour of sweet orgeat and pineapple juice brought together with fresh lemon. This drink is like eating a Battenburg on a tropical island, only not really. £4.45

Lavender Fizz
Notes of Lavender and hibiscus elevated with a craft white peach and jasmine soda. Imagine if running through a hedge with your mouth open was both pleasant, and a drink. £3.95

Spicy Sour
A brief respite from your usual sweet mocktail fair. The bite of ginger beer paired with grapefruit and lime creates a complex flavour that is satisfyingly easy to drink. £3.95

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