Gaming Events

– December –

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Flesh and Blood: Skirmish Season 8 – BLITZ
[Saturday 9th December – Start: 11.00am]

Season 8 – BLITZ Format.

Deck lists required.

Tickets: £20

MTG: Pauper Tournament
[Sunday 10th December –
Start: 11.00am]

>Decks available on the day.

>New players welcome!

Tickets: £9 (includes a drink token!)

Pokémon TCG: December League Challenge
[Saturday 16th December – Start: 11.00am]

Regulation mark ‘E’ or higher. Paradox Rift is legal for this tournament.

Battle Styles > Paradox Rift.

Deck lists required.

Tickets: £10

– January –

Star Wars Armada: The Summa of All Things
[Saturday 13th January – Start: 11.00am]

The Summa of All Things’ is a casual scenario driven Star Wars: Armada event for veterans and new players alike. 

Players brave the dangers of the Maelstrom as they salvage for discarded coaxium containers along the Vessel Run in this event kit. 

Tickets: £17.50 (includes a drink token!)