Games are a big part of what makes Rule Zero special. We are proud to offer more than simply food and drink. We love tabletop games, and offer space and resources for those that want to get their game on. Our top floor is dedicated to gaming tables, where visitors are welcome to level up their experience by not just sipping something delightful, but availing themselves of a variety of options for the discerning gamer.

For those who have not dipped their toes in the tabletop gaming waters, do not worry! Our staff take special pleasure in finding a great game for every occasion, and will help ensure that nobody feels out of place or out of their depth.

The main broad types of games experiences we offer are as follows;

Board Games
This broad category of games has come on a long way since we were kids playing Monopoly at Christmas. If your experience with board games sounds a little like this, fear not – every single game that we stock is better than Monopoly, and we would never subject you to it! These days there are an array of different types of board game to suit every taste. For some, the perfect option will have a strong theme, like fighting off all the zombies, or solving crimes by communing with ghosts. For others, it might be the games that let everyone work together as a team that are most satisfying. We have quick games, funny games, games that you will come back to again and again. We don’t have Monopoly. Please don’t ask us.

Card Games
This category of games fuses the simple pleasure of playing games with a pack of cards with an ability to collect, trade and personalise your experience. Some of the most popular options within this category include Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and Legend of the Five Rings. Each has their own merits, and all are popular at Rule Zero.