How do I book a table?
We ask that you book a table on our website at www.rulezero.co.uk/booking – however, if you need to book more than 24 guests in or you’re having problems with our website, please email contact@rulezero.co.uk 

Do I need to book a table?
We highly recommend booking a table for weekends and evenings, however that does not necessarily mean we won’t be able to seat you if you don’t book. If you’d like to visit on a whim and you’re unsure, feel free to call us ahead of your visit on 020 8057 6007 and we can tell you how likely you are to get a seat. 

On West Ham game days, we strongly recommend booking well in advance, due to our proximity to the stadium. You can see upcoming game days by clicking here.

What changes on West Ham game days?
During West Ham home games, please be advised that we run a reduced food menu to cater for demand and service speed. We’re usually fully booked out before and after any home games, so please call ahead if you’re looking for a table as we wouldn’t want to disappoint. During matches we usually have plenty of space, so if you’re chosen booking slot isn’t available, have a look at match timings!

Can I bring my dog?
Yes! Your dog is very welcome, as long as they are well behaved and kept on a leash. We want to meet your polite fuzzy companions. I am afraid all patrons are prohibited from bringing geese into the bar (don’t ask).

What are table fees and how do they work?
For regular gaming tables, we charge £7.50 per person every 2 hours to use our space to play games. This comes with a free drink, so you can think of it more like this: we’re making sure you don’t forget to buy a drink while you’re gaming at the bar. We love being able to provide a bright and atmospheric space for customers to play to their heart’s content, but for us to be able to do that, we need to stay in business! If you’re eating and drinking anyway, you may not be charged table fees at the discretion of our bar staff.

Our wargaming tables are double in all regards: £15 per person every 4 hours including two drinks, including terrain. Our wargaming slots are very limited and only available if booked in advance!

Are you hiring?
We’re not currently hiring, but we are always happy to look at CVs! Bring one in and say hello to us, or email one to contact@rulezero.co.uk. At any given point in time we’re more likely to be hiring part-time staff than full-time staff – and from your lowly website copywriter, I’d like to say it’s well worth applying. It’s a fantastic workplace with mutually beneficial contracts, an employee health scheme, and discounts on food and drink.

What time do you serve food until?
We start serving food when we open the bar, with the kitchen closing at 9pm Mon-Sat, and 8pm on Sundays. Brunch is served until 5pm, and roasts are served on Sundays between 1:30 – 5:30pm.

I have an allergy or dietary preference, can I eat here?
We have many vegan and vegetarian options, and a gluten free alternative to burger buns. Although we do our absolute best to ensure there is no cross contamination, we cannot completely guarantee that our kitchen is safe for celiacs. We have no nuts of any kind in our kitchen or bar, and no fish apart from a bottle of Worcestershire sauce behind the bar. We also stock bottled gluten free beer, and a couple of choices of 0% beer.

Please let a member of waitstaff know if you have an allergy as soon as possible and we will work to accommodate you.

Do you have wheelchair access?
Unfortunately our accessibility is lacking – we have plans in place to make things better, so watch this space. Currently we can provide access to wheelchair users via our loading area, but please be aware that our building has many stairs! For access to our ground floor bar you may call 020 8057 6007 and it will be absolutely no problem to arrange this for you, but please be advised that the only access to our Sub Zero venue has 21 steps. If you have any other accessibility concerns about your visit, please call us or email contact@rulezero.co.uk

Do you have facilities for children?
Under 18s are welcome in the bar until 9pm, and may participate in many of our card gaming events providing a responsible adult is present on site (we have great coffee and some comfy chairs). For families with small children, we have one high chair and one larger bathroom upstairs, although we do not currently have a changing table. Please give us a call if you have any specific queries.

Do you have *insert game*?
We have a massive board games library but as of yet it is not catalogued. You are welcome to give us a call on 020 8057 6007 and one of our staff will be able to check if we have your favourite board game. And remember, we can always recommend something else just as fun!

Can I bring my own board games?

Do you hold regular Magic: the Gathering, Lorcana, and Pokémon events?
Yes we do! Alongside our weekly schedule, you can check our events and tournaments here.
Tuesday 6pm – Casual Commander
Wednesday 6pm – Flesh and Blood and Lorcana
Thursday 7pm – Pokémon League Tournaments
Friday 7pm – Magic: the Gathering Draft

Do you sell card gaming products?
Yes, we have a small shop of card gaming products and accessories, but our stock varies. To check our stock on any given day, please call us on 020 8057 6007. We regularly stock and offer preorders for booster packs, commander precons, and Lorcana and Pokémon collectibles and accessories.

What is your drinks loyalty system?
When you buy any drink over £5, you can get a stamp on a “TIX” card. You can collect completed TIX to exchange for card gaming goods, merchandise and event tickets. We have some very rare and sought after boosters, Secret Lairs, rare lands, and other goodies which can be obtained through (responsible) drinking!

If your question was not answered on this page, please give us a call on 020 8057 6007 or shoot us an email at contact@rulezero.co.uk.