Contact us

Rule Zero Temporary Entrance (From 17th January):
4 Roach Road,
E3 2PA

Right now during the fit out process for Rule Zero, getting in touch is a little more complicated than normal, but don’t take that to mean that we don’t want to hear from you – we totally do! Once we have phone numbers and such to share, this is where they will live.

General enquiries

The best way to get in touch right now is via email. If you’ve got a general question for us (or you just want to send us pictures of your cat) then fire off an email to this address;


If you have a specific event that you want to know more about, or that you’d like to set up with us, then this email will be the one;

Please don’t use the newfound power that you have over us to fill our inboxes with spam. We have already indicated that what we are looking for are cat pictures.