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– If you know you’re coming, you should definitely book a table. We’re often busy, and we wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone.
– Please remember we are a bar and alcohol is readily available. Because of this, anyone under 18 needs a responsible adult present AT ALL TIMES, and will not be allowed on-site after 9pm.
– Young children need to be kept nearby and prevented from roaming freely. We have the potential for broken glasses and the canal is a definite danger. Yes, we have gaming facilities, no we are not a creche.
– The booking form only displays available areas. If your preference is not visible, it may be fully booked. Please try a different time/day, email or call us on 020 8057 6007 for alternate options.
– ALL OUTSIDE AREAS ARE CLOSED FROM 10:30PM EXCEPT FOR SMOKING ONLY – Last orders for our kitchen is 9pm Monday-Saturday, and 8pm on Sundays.
– Last orders for our bar is 45 minutes before close each day.
– For walk-ins, if we have the space we’re happy to have you!
– For parties larger than 8, please send an email to

– Our upstairs gaming floor and balconies are open for bookings Monday, and Wednesday-Friday from 5:00pm, and all day on weekends.
– Adventurers league, please book a start time between 5:00 and 19:00 for a table for the entire evening.
-Gaming tables have a £3 per person table fee for non-members and will be added to tabs or collected on arrival.

– Wargaming tables are extremely limited in number and are bookable from 5:00pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and from 10am on weekends.
– Please book for 4 persons for a 3×3 table, or 6 persons for a 6×4 table
– If they don’t appear as an option during these times, they’re unfortunately fully booked.
– Phoning or emailing us won’t magically make additional tables appear in our venue.
– Sorry.
– Wargaming tables have a £5 per person table fee for non-members which will be collected on arrival.

Booking Policy:
Rule Zero is open from:
Monday – Thursday 11am – 11pm
Friday 11am – midnight
Saturday 10am – midnight
Sunday 10am – 10pm

If you have any specific dietary requirements, we can provide a more comprehensive level of service if you are able to inform us ahead of your booking.

We strongly recommended that groups reserve a table in advance. You can do this using the booking form above or by giving us a call on 020 8057 6007.

To ensure we can fulfil all bookings, we have time limits in place on all of our tables. This is usually 2.5 hours, but our gaming floor bookings are for 3.5 hours, and our wargaming bookings are for 4 hours. If you require the table for longer, please either let us know, or make an additional booking.

Cancellation Policy:
Our venue’s continued viability relies on reservations being honoured by our customers, or adequate notice being given of any changes or cancellations. We’ll try our best to never charge a cancellation fee without good cause, please in turn do your best to keep us in the loop if plans change.