Frequently Asked Questions

Rule Zero used to be called Magic Madhouse London, and is moving from 60 Dace Road to a whole new (awesome) location very close to Hackney Wick station. Obviously this has created loads of questions. This is where we do our best to answer as many of those as we can. If we receive more good questions in our inboxes, we will totally update this with good answers. If we don’t we might just add more silly questions ourselves.

Where is Rule Zero?
Right now, we’re not going to tell you. Not because we don’t love you, but because during the fit-out process it’s still getting changed, and we don’t want any peeks. If you were familiar with the location of Magic Madhouse London, it is very close to there. A bit closer to Hackney Wick station.

When does Rule Zero open?
We don’t want to give you an opening date, and then break it. We are working super hard on making sure that everything is beautiful, well appointed and safe for you. As soon as we have a launch date, you should come say hi. We’ll have drinks!

What will your opening hours be?
We’ll be open for the following hours;

Monday – Thursday: 10am to 11pm
Friday – Saturday: 10am to midnight
Sunday: 10am to 10pm

Yes, we’re going to be open on Mondays. Mondays just got better. When it comes to being open on bank holidays, we’re still figuring that out. Right now we wouldn’t recommend coming in on Christmas day.

What will Rule Zero do?
If you were a regular at Magic Madhouse London, then everything you’ve already come to know and love; games, drinks, food, and lots of good times will very much be in abundance at our new Hackney Wick location. If you are less familiar with us then here are the edited highlights

Gaming – it turns out that we offer games for gamers in need of games. We run nights specific for a whole lot of games to help gamers find other gamers to enjoy games with. These include board games, trading card games (e.g. Magic: The Gathering), roleplay games (e.g. Dungeons & Dragons) and tabletop wargames (e.g. Warhammer 40,000). Just, GAMES. If there’s a game you’ve always wanted to check out, or you are already a firm fan of games and are just looking for people to play games with, we can help! Our staff, for their sins, know games, and pride themselves on being able to help you find the right game for you/your group.

Drinks – sometimes, when you are together with friends after a long hard day/week/month/year, nothing helps more than ‘staying hydrated’. Our fully licensed bar has options to suit all tastes. We can sort you out with a straightforward pint of beer, a delicious cocktail, or a simple refreshing soft drink. Whatever your poison is, we’ll do our best to help. Unless it’s actual poison. We don’t sell that.

Food – why step away from the gaming table to get a bite when we can bring it right to you? Rule Zero has a kitchen whose menu is not fancy or pricey, but that scratches the most straightforward of itches – getting food in to keep those good times rolling. Our full menu will be shared here soon.

Events – most of our gaming nights are aimed at the casual gamer looking to have fun with their friends, or indeed to make some new friends while playing. We also run ticketed events and private hire of our space for those looking for something a little more special.

Is there parking at Rule Zero?
If you are looking for somewhere to lock up your bicycle, then yes, sure! In terms of parking your car, not so much. Sadly East London has a lot more people than it does parking spaces. There is some metered on-street parking, but if you are looking for multi-storey parking, your best bet is probably to park at Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, and ride one stop on the overground to Hackney Wick. You could walk from Stratford too, but you’ve already established yourself as the sort of person who wanted to drive, so we want to save your feet as best we can.

Do I need to book a table to play?
Need is a very strong word. You don’t need to book a table, but equally, it would be rubbish to show up and find no tables are free, right? If you know you want to swing by on a particular day, we’d recommend you book, so that we can make sure we have a table ready for you.

This website has a bunch of ways of buying things. Can I buy games on your website now?
No. The only things we’re selling on the website will be tickets to ticketed events. While we will still be selling games and gaming accessories at Rule Zero, we don’t want to have to deal with mail order of anything. If there are gaming things you’d like that you don’t see on our shelves, then we can likely order them in for you, but that will still be on a ‘come and see us and pay us money’ basis, rather than through online ordering.

Can I have a job?
Maybe? We do have some vacancies opening up for people with 1+ years experience in bartending, cocktail-making, kitchen work/catering. If this sounds like you then send your CV and cover letter to If your ‘experience’ involves ‘really liking games’, then you are likely not going to make the cut.