Frequently Asked Questions

This is the place where we do our best to answer as many questions as we can. If we receive more good questions in our inboxes, we will totally update this with good answers. If we don’t we might just add more silly questions ourselves.

Where is Rule Zero?
Our official address is
Rule Zero
3 Succession Walk
E3 2RX

The bridge that we are on is still being completed for cars, but we’re doing the best we can to ensure that things are accessible for pedestrians.

I’m concerned about COVID. What are you doing to keep me safe?
Well friend, you’re right to be concerned. Here at Rule Zero we’re strictly adhering to current government advice as well as going above and beyond where we can. We’re sanitising door handles, taps, seats, and tables often and vigorously and all of our staff are upholding high standards of personal hygiene and are all hand-washing champions. Our tables and seats are specifically positioned to be as socially distant as we can be, and we’re making every effort to minimise customer contact with both staff and other groups. If you have any concerns or specific questions, please get in touch. We’ll always do our best to keep our customers safe and healthy.

If you’re feeling unwell yourself, or are generally not feeling safe about heading out, PLEASE STAY AT HOME. Let’s all work together to get through this difficult time.

What are your opening hours?
Monday – Thursday: 11am to 11pm
Friday : 11am to midnight
Saturday: 10am to midnight
Sunday: 10am to 10pm
We don’t have specific Holiday opening times just yet so if in doubt, just get in touch. We’ll be open in the mornings soon, but we’re not quite there yet.

Can I bring my pets/children?
We have the same rule for both; as long as they’re well behaved – and on a lead – with a responsible adult, we’re happy to have your little ones in our venue. If they’re loud or become a disturbance, we may need to ask you to leave so please be respectful of others.
Children aren’t allowed in after 9pm as we’re a licensed bar, good friendly dogs can stay though.

Is there parking at Rule Zero?
If you are looking for somewhere to lock up your bicycle, then yes, sure! In terms of parking your car, not so much. Sadly East London has a lot more people than it does parking spaces. There is some pay-by-phone on-street parking, but if you’re looking for multi-storey parking, your best bet is probably to park at Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, and ride one stop on the overground to Hackney Wick. You could walk from Stratford too, but you’ve already established yourself as the sort of person who wanted to drive, so we want to save your feet as best we can.

Do I need to book a table to play?
Need is a very strong word. You don’t need to book a table, but equally, it would be rubbish to show up and find no tables are free, right? If you know you want to swing by on a particular day, we’d recommend you book, so that we can make sure we have a table ready for you.

This website has a bunch of ways of buying things. Can I buy games on your website now?
Nope. The only things we’re selling on the website are tickety tickets to ticketed events, or the occasional pre-release for in-store collection.

Do you have any job vacancies available?
We tend to shout from the rooftops about any jobs we have available. If and when we have jobs we do require relevant experience, and as most of the jobs we have are bar and cafe orientated, it’s likely that really liking games isn’t going to be the line that gets you an interview.

How many chairs are there at Rule Zero?
We’ve never counted, but quite a lot? More than 12 and less than 500.

We answer questions so people stop asking
Oh no, Godzilla!
Our staircase was designed by Escher
Someone once told me this was the future
Without gin, do these even have a purpose?
Not sure what this is to be honest