About Us

Rule Zero is the kind of bar that it’s ok to take home to your parents. Not the loudest or wildest, but one that’s devoted to making sure that you and everyone you’re with has a great time.

Of course we have drinks. Our fully licensed bar is well stocked with beers, wines and enough spirits to make for some very moreish cocktails. Our kitchen powers out what Samuel L. Jackson would totally describe as a tasty burger*, along with a host of other options just as enticing. On top of that though, we have a whole lot of game going on.

Rule Zero is a place where games are a big part of what we do. We have a whole floor dedicated to tabletop gaming, whether it’s classics like Scrabble or Chess, or the latest and greatest releases in board games, card games or even tabletop wargames. If you’re already a gamer, chances are we have a community of players you can join. If you are just looking for something fun to do with friends of an evening, we enjoy finding the right game for you.

Is this all a bit nerdy? Yes. Yes it is. You know what though? All that being a nerd is is being passionate about something to the extent that you can’t help but let that feeling out. We hope that everyone is a bit nerdy about something, whether it’s football or Pokemon or dancing or cheese or craft beer or whatever. If it’s not hurting anyone else, then nerd away, nerd. If that sounds good to you, then you should stop by for a drink, some food, and maybe a game or two.

*You’re totally welcome to visit whenever you want Mr. Jackson, sir. Bring some friends.