How to order Games Workshop with us!

Games Workshop Orders are open!

Whether your wargaming takes place in the 41st millenium or in a mortal realm somewhere outside of the end times, at Rule Zero, we can help you with securing Games Workshop miniatures. And for the whole of September, you could even win a very limited edition figure!

All of our GW sales are at 10% below the Games Workshop selling price, and to make an order couldn’t be easier

1) Come in to see us at Rule Zero and tell us what you want

2) We will take payment and your details, and give you a receipt, along with a timing of when we anticipate the GW Trolls sending it to us (typically a little less than a week)

3) Come in and pick up your cool stuffs! We have your details, so we can let you know as soon as your order is ready for collection

For the whole of September, for every £10 of orders you make, you get a ticket in a raffle to win the extremely limited edition Catachan Colonel figure, pro painted by Adam Cunis (@HadrielCaine on Instagram and Twitter) – the very talented chap who painted the various figures you see above. The colonel is at the very centre of our pictures – that one isn’t painted by Adam, but you can bet that the one he prepares for you will be a beauty.

Game on!