Covid Precautions at Rule Zero

Rule Zero Reopens!

The Government has adjusted its guidelines for lockdown, meaning that we can reopen from the 4th July.

We want to ensure that all our staff and customers can remain as safe as possible when in our care, so we will have some new processes in place;

1) As soon as you arrive, you will be seated at a table appropriate to your group. We’ll aim to ensure that groups remain as distanced from each other as possible (1+ metres), and all tables will be cleaned between groups visiting us. Our layout may look slightly different as we ensure tables are the correct distance apart. To ensure a table, the best thing to do is to book with us in advance.

2) All service will be table service! We will take orders and bring you any food/drink/games you request. There won’t be any loitering at the bar, and you won’t be able to order there. To make this easier, we recommend that payments be made by card where possible.

3) To keep walkways clearer, each of our stairways will be designated as one-way. We have regularly cleaned toilets on each floor, so there shouldn’t be much cause to need the stairs anyway.

4) All staff will be wearing protective equipment and cleaning their hands very regularly. All toilets will be being cleaned at regular intervals. We will have sanitation stations on all floors for customer use, and we request that customers are responsible about using them. It will not be possible to sanitise our board-games library between uses, though we will make efforts to keep it clean. Customers are welcome to bring their own games to play in our space – use of the board games library will be at customers own risk.

5) We request that all customers respect each other and our staff by following common-sense health and safety guidelines. If you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, or are in a family group with someone who is, please do not visit us. If you want to come just to buy games, we can fetch the items you need while you wait outside. If you’re not comfortable seeing us just yet – that’s cool, just wait for now.

Rule Zero was built around the golden rule that applies before anything else, of treating each other with love and respect. While we all deal with Covid-19, we ask that everyone is extra patient. We’re excited to sell you things again, and we’re sure you’re excited too. We’re living in difficult times, let’s all commit to trying to avoid being difficult with each other.

If you have queries or concerns, please let us know. We want to make sure everyone feels safe and secure.