Become a member at Rule Zero!

Hello dear customers, past present and future!

At Rule Zero, we have table fees for our upstairs gaming space. These help cover things like the beautiful venue you find yourselves in, the assorted facilities we provide, and the table service for food and drinks that comes with our gaming floor.

We’ve tried to keep our table fees good and low. If you are signed up for a ticketed event, those fees are covered in the costs of the event. Any time you pay table fees that covers you for the rest of the day, meaning that we’re not going to come around and start bothering you for more money just because your game of Twilight Struggle has lasted 8 hours (once you get into multiple days, we’ll talk).

Table fees are £3 per person, or £4 per person for big wargaming tables. Easy.

If you’d like to get reduced rates on table fees, it’s really easy to do so – just get yourself a membership card!

Membership cards are £25, and once you have one those table rates drop down to just £1 per person, or £2 per person for the bigger wargaming tables.

Here’s the boring terms and conditions bit. Membership cards last for 1 year from the date of purchase, and do not have a redeemable value. They are tied to each person individually, and are non-transferrable. Membership cards need to be presented upon payment to receive the discount. Please don’t expect us to remember who is a member and who isn’t.

One last exciting element. If you present your membership card each and every time you spend any money with us, we will log your purchase, and put some points on your card. What will those points get you? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Buy all the things!