We’re open!

It’s been a little while coming, but we are very happy to have our new site open, at 4a Roach Road.

For those of you who have already come to visit us, first of all, thank you. Hopefully you can see how much work we’ve put in to making it nice – we’ve not just been sat around commenting on how early it gets dark this time of year. For those of you who haven’t been to see the new place, we’d urge you to come along.

Compared to what we had in previous times, everything is… nicer. This is what happens when your building is custom fitted out for purpose. More or less everything you see and interact with at the new site is that way because we want it to be, which is a pretty exciting prospect for us at least.

We now have three floors of fun to take in. The ground floor is where our bar and restaurant space sits. If you are looking to get food and drink it is the place to be, and we are super excited about quite how much our range and offering has increased here. I’ll have a future post going into these menus, but the short answer is that we have a whole lot of tasty treats for you to enjoy. The ground floor is also where our games are sold. Right now our stock of games is comparatively modest, but we will be building it back up over the coming weeks and months.

An important note on our games selection. We are intentionally trying to make sure that what we have on the shelves represents the ‘latest and greatest’ moniker when it comes to gaming. While there are a lot of shops that gradually build up truly epic amounts of stock, much of which is not rotated super often, that is not our goal. In some respects this means we will not be the greatest games store in the world for browsing or tracking down a particularly esoteric title. However, what we can guarantee is that we’re aiming to make sure we have the best examples of what tabletop gaming has to offer in 2020 and beyond, as well as the agility to get in stock of more unusual titles as needed. If there are particular games you have a real hankering to pick up, do let us know and we will do our best to order them in for you, or let you know what is up with them. I can tell you right now, that if a game is out of print, we’ll probably struggle, but at least in that case we’ll keep you informed as to what the status is on such games.

Our top floor is our main zone for games and gaming events. Luke is our events manager, and will be taking bookings as needed via email (events@rulezero.co.uk), but if you just want to rock up and play, that will work too. We do have table fees (which will be detailed in another post here), but the goal is that they will never seem too prohibitive, they just help us ensure that we can afford to keep the lights on. The top floor is where our games library lives, and it too is being fleshed out over the coming weeks and months. We want to make sure that the games there are all fun, straight-forward enough to learn, and ideally games that we can direct you toward if you were looking to pick them up yourself. If there are particular board games that you are hoping to lay your hands on in that regard, just let us know.

Our top floor also sports two sizeable balconies with impressive views over the canal of the West Ham stadium. In the summer I’m sure these will be quite the hot ticket, even if for now they are a mite chilly. Because the balconies are outside space, we are being particularly careful to make sure that we don’t become disruptive to our neighbours. Above us there are lovely folks who simply live in the building. Day to day, they are obviously blessed by being so close to us, but we want to make sure that they never come to feel like we are being a nuisance to them. To this end, we are going to remind everyone using the balconies not to be loud or rowdy at any time of day, and we will be closing the balconies off entirely from 9pm, just to be super nice on those we live near.

Our final floor is a little bit mysterious. Below Rule Zero sits Sub Zero, our space which is specifically dedicated to events. With room for a very comfortable 50 people, this will be where we host such delights as comedy nights, quiz nights, variety shows, private parties and ticketed tournaments. When you don’t need to see it, it will be invisible, but when it is fully up and running it will be awesome.

There will be lots of great things to share from Rule Zero. the easiest way for you to see them is to come and visit. Until then though, we’ll bring you all the details here.